Halifax periodontics implants Dr. Matheson


Pocket reduction surgery is usually recommended if your pockets do not completely heal after non surgical therapy. Here, the Periodontist gently pushes the gum tissue away from the teeth so she can see into the pockets. The remaining infection is removed and any damage created by the bacteria in the bone or teeth is corrected. This is a very difficult procedure and best provided by a Periodontist. The goal of this surgery is to reduce the pocket depths around the teeth so that they can be easily cleaned by you and your dental hygienist. Being able to keep these pockets clean is the key to stabilizing your gum health and preventing progression of the disease.


Regeneration of gum and bone tissue is an innovative approach to periodontal disease treatment. It involves the use of biocompatible materials and growth factors to promote the growth of the new tissues (gum and bone), with hopes of restoring the health of the gums and bones around the teeth. This type of therapy cannot be used in some circumstances and Dr. Matheson will advise you accordingly.